SCADA Systems





Making smart moves, is the key to victory and success.

TEPCO helps its clients to make smart moves by providing them with intelligent SCADA systems which are suitable for their applications.

These systems will enable them to:

  • - Locally and/or remotely monitor operation, record and log events, and control their processes.

  • - Visualize and analyze different processes, which will enable them to optimize and enhance operation.

  • - Generate reports and graphs for operation and process behavior ensuring top quality operation and results.

  • - Customize alarms for different events, and hence they will be ahead of problems and/or errors.

  • - Make and customize maintenance schedules, avoiding any interruption of their operation, ensuring reliability and safety of operation, and enhancing the life span of their equipment.

TEPCO together with its major international partners provide complete solutions ranging from switchgear, automation equipment, necessary hardware for SCADA, as well as SCADA systems engineered and customized to our clients’ applications.



For more information about our integrated solutions that incorporate the SCADA systems please contact us.