TEPCO's Subsidiaries

Over the years TEPCO has established several subsidiaries to; either complement its products, or act as feeding industries for all of TEPCO's products and the remainder of the market.

These subsidiaries are:


Located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Gulf TEPCO provides the market with the entire product range of TEPCO and its subsidiaires, in addition to oil-immersed and dry-type transformers for both the private sector and utilities.

Currently; the manufacturing facility - which is located in Al Madina Al Monawara's industrial zone, and covers an area of 10,000 m2 out of a total are of 36,000 m2 - is under construction and is expected to start operating by 2011 with an expected number of 150 employees for Phase I.


Specializing in assembling Low Voltage Distribution boards, TEPCO LV will complement TEPCO's market leadership in the Medium Voltage segment with one in Low Voltage.

TEPCO LV offers the market a full range of type tested distribution boards, up to 4000A, in addition to energy efficiency systems and Motor Control Centers.

Advanced Engineering Industries (AEI)

AEI is dedicated to sheet metal production from coil blanking in Phase I to all sheet metal work of TEPCO Group as well as the rest of the market in Phase II.

The detailed services of AEI include the following:

1) Coil Processing
- Multi blanking line
- Slitting line

2) Cutting
- CNC shears
- Plasma cutting machine

3) Punching
- CNC punching machine

4) Bending
- Hydraulic Press
- Mechanical Press

5) Welding

6) Painting


Circuit specializes in integrating home/building automation systems for residential and commercial projects.

Currently, it is developing its business in Egypt, the Gulf (specifically in Dubai, U.A.E), and Europe (specifically in France).

Circuit Egypt specializes in building and integrating home automation for residential and multi-dwelling building purposes and acts as a major system integrator in the local market.

Circuit Europe and Circuit Gulf, on the other hand, offers professional specialized engineering services for ELV systems / projects in building automation.

Circuit offers the market the following products:
- Lighting & Dimming Solutions.
- Security & Access Control
- Shutter & Sunblind Solutions
- Audio & Video Solutions
- Energy Management Solutions
- Tele-command Solutions
- Integrated Solutions
- iPhone Solutions


Egysphere manufactures the following:

- Polymer products and parts with mold injection technology
(more than 15 machines up to 500 tons of clamping force)

- Metallic parts using conventional/CNC lathes and other machines.

- Molds up to 220 x 130 x 90 cm using CNC Milling (Dahlia).

- Other mechanical parts.

TEPCO Electric Industries (TEI)

TEI manufactures the following products:

- Post Insulators for MV/LV

- Bushings

- Medium Voltage Current Transformers and Potential Transformers

Power Quality

Power Quality acts as a distributor and reseller for major components brands.