Why choose the SF6-RMU?

The SF6 gas has a high degree of dielectric strength. As a result; there is no need to leave large spaces between the inner components of the RMU (as with the case of the ARMU which depends on the distance between the components to act as an insulating medium). This means that the SF6-RMU by default has a smaller size when compared to the ARMU.


Using the SF6 gas for insulation allows for the construction of maintenance-free compact systems; since all the live electric assembly parts have to be encapsulated.

Also; with the actuating mechanics largely removed from the environmental influences, the product wil do long-term duty with almost no maintenance.


The SF6 gas is also noted for its extermely effective arc-quenching properties. At the high tempratures arising in the circuit-breaking arc, the SF6 separates into its constituent parts. When it cools down, these parts regenerate to restore the SF6 gas.

The volume of the gas originally introduced within the system remains unchanged and suffices for the entire service life of the system or the mechanism.


The high operational safety of the system virtually guarantees that no arc faults should occur. Neverthless; should such a fault occur, then the pressure release diaphragm (bursting membrane) comes into play.