Personnel Safety

The SF6-RMU guarantees a very high degree of personnel safety through the following:


1. Arc-fault Protection:

The HV compartments and cable connection compartments are tested for arc-fault resistance according to IEC 62271-200 and VDE 0670 Part 200 standards.

In the event of an arc fault; a 4-layer metal cooling stretch arrangement is fitted into the back plate of the panel plinth. The pressure arising in the switchgear room due to such a fault will be reduced by this arrangement.


              2. Gas Leakage Indicator:

              Each gas tank has a pressure display for verification of the SF6 overpressure within; this allows its functional safety to be inspected.


              3. Voltage Indication & Testing:

              Each system is equipped with the necessary three-phase capacitive voltage indication ledges.
              This enables the absence of voltage in individual phases to be verified by inserting the voltage indication plugs into the corresponding pairs of sockets.

              The voltage indication ledge circuitry is designed for rated operational voltages of 10, 15 and 20 kV.


              4. Interlocking:

              The front door of the panel cannot be opened unless the Earthing switch is turned "On". This ensures that no one can open the door by mistake, and increases the personnel safety.