Surface Treatment & Finish

The technology used in the assembling of the kiosk (riveting, bolting) enables to achieve a complete protection of the surfaces. All the operations described hereafter are performed as a continuous cycle on a semi-automatic process line.

We use cold rolled black steel sheets

Treatment against corrosion

Through an aspersion tunnel:
- Simultaneous degreasing
- Phosphation
- Rinsing


  • Electrostatic powdering, the used paint is of epoxy - polyester powder type baked at 180 oC during 15 minutes
  • Color: RAL 7032 (other available upon request)
  • Thickness: 40 microns external faces


The treatment is submitted to following tests:

  • Adhesion, flexibility, shock, hardness
  • Saline fog endurance: 600 h minimum (Re 2 degree)


Paint finish options

Various paint options are available to ensure protection against environmental impacts while being in service. These includes:

  • Electrostatic powder coat.
  • Epoxy paint.
  • Stone-paint.
  • Concrete

Screw treatment

  • Zinc coated, Bi chromated 7 microns.