Possible Smart Features

1. Remote monitoring & control of medium voltage or low voltage equipment:

It is always possible to monitor and control the power system status (switching devices, energy and other parameters) through SCADA software in conjunction with suitable transducers and actuators.

At the medium voltage side, it is possible to monitor for example the load-break switch status, fuse-switch status, and current loading and to control remotely the switching devices. With the relaying option used, it is also possible to communicate with the digital relay for logging events, breaker-health monitoring, waveforms, fault history and other parameters.

At the low voltage side, it is possible to monitor for example the main feeder circuit breaker status, power factor, current loading, energy and to control main and outgoing switching devices.

2. Smart Earth Fault Location System:

Using signal from earth fault indicators located in the transformer kiosks to detect the earth fault in the
medium voltage distribution network and send an alarm SMS or E-Mail to the control room in case of earth fault using GSM network.

System Components:

- EFI: Earth Fault Indicator device that detects the earth fault in the kiosk cable via auxiliary contacts.

- Communication Modem: receive the fault-announce signal from the EFI and transmit it into an alarm SMS and send it to the GSM Mobile networks through its Antenna.

- Main Control Room:
which contain mobile phone or computer that receives the alarm signal as SMS or e-mail and the mobile phone number is already added in the modem settings.



System Advantages:

1. High speed and flexibility to reach the faulty zone.
2. Collecting useful data /information from the kiosk for further analysis and processing.
3. Database management issues via data logging for report generation evaluation of system