More Details about MV-LV Package Substations

The MV-LV Kiosk consist of three compartments:

  • 1. Medium Voltage compartment

Equipped with Air or SF6 insulated Ring Main Unit in various configurations (combinations of load-break switches, fuse switches, circuit breaker)

  • 2. Transformer compartment

This compartment is designed to enclosed a 3 phase transformer (oil or dry type ) with power up to 1500 KVA and voltage up to 24 KV. The transformer is connected to the Ring Main Unit through XLPE cables and to the Low Voltage Switchboard through cables or copper busbars. This compartment is provided with two doors in both sides, which give flexibility to inspect and maintain the transformer. Transformer installation into the kiosk can be from top of kiosk using crane or from either side of kiosk using forklift. Transformer compartment has adequate ventilation (natural cooling, forced cooling upon request).
Coaling methods (Oil Natural Air Natural (ONAN)) and  (Oil Natural Air Forced (ONAF)). It is also can be equipped with dry power transformers.

3. Low Voltage compartment

Equipped with Low Voltage Switchboard. The main incoming is usually a circuit breaker with adjustable thermal and magnetic protection and with rating according to the transformer rating. Different outgoing feeders are available as circuit breakers, fused switches, HRC fuses, Load break switches and contactors. Also PFC equipment can be installed, various monitoring and control options available.