Metering & Billing Solutions


TEPCO's energy billing and metering systems are smart systems that enable the customer to monitor energy consumption for each sector of his system.

Such systems help in studying different loads in order to find energy saving solutions for reducing energy cost in the future. It also enables one to know and calibrate his energy bills before official invoice issuing, improving the planning of cash flow. Cost-effective plans can be made for low power factor loads, so that they can be corrected to reduce overall costs.The system allows remote monitoring and data logging of the consumption, by means of SCADA systems.



Product Highlights

Energy billing and metering system will help your organization:
1. Record and attribute energy consumption and costs

Energy costs depend on the amount consumed and its price. In an organization with many facilities, energy accounting makes it possible to compare energy use and cost among facilities and to monitor how energy use changes over time. It also provides feedback on how they are doing.

Our system has a wide variety of reports with graphs to achieve the same.

You can group your buildings to summarize your reports at a cost center or regional level, and allows you to do bill archiving. You can keep information at your fingertips. See any utility bill, anywhere, anytime.

2. Troubleshoot and take preventive action against unpredictable usage and/or cost:

By consistently tracing energy use, you can identify problems. A sudden unexplained increase in consumption, for instance, means it is time to investigate the site of the cause. Billing errors can be caught too.

3. Create incentives for energy management

It is often difficult to find anyone in an organization to have the time and responsibility required for carrying out energy management activities because there is little know-how about such a system. Moreover, a maintenance director or site manager may not see the benefits of reducing energy costs if lower energy bills only result in smaller allocations for utility costs in next year’s budget.

However, TEPCO's Energy billing and metering system makes it possible to clarify energy billing system goals.


Suitable for the following applications:

Our main aim is helping our customers reduce their utility costs without changing their systems’ operation in the following areas:
1. Hotels
2. Large Scale Industrial Plants
3. Health Care Centers
4. Large Scale buildings
5. Commercial Malls.

In addition to our system monitoring, we constantly develop the system and advice our customers with the most appropriate schedule for their usage and needs.

TEPCO's offered solutions

  • 1. Installation of energy meter to each of the power sources (Utilities/Generators).
  • 2. Installation of centralization unit/s to connect the meters.
  • 3. Installation and connection of signal converters to communicate with generator (4).
  • 4. Energy Server on which data is stored and invoices are printed.
  • 5. Software programmed according to the installation and customer requirement to monitoring screens and invoicing system.
  • 6. Router and necessary hardware/software for WEB Access (OPTIONAL).

Metering Solutions Range




  • Energy Meters for Partial Consumption

    It is an integral energy management solution using energy meters with PowerStudio software. It allocates the energy requested by each area or zone accurately during a determined period of time.
  • plc

  • Multifunction Electronic Energy Meter with PLC (Power Line Carrier) communicates through power grids and optical ports.