Available Range

TEPCO offers a complete range of MV capacitor banks from 1 to 24 kV mounted in a steel enclosure. This series allows, as standard, to design banks from 50 to 7.200 kVAR with a maximum rating of 22 kV.


Fixed banks

- When there is no variation in the load, a fixed value of reactive power is needed. Thus, fixed banks would be the ideal choice for such power compensation.
- Fixed bank can be designed to include protection or operation systems. Depending on the type of bank.

Accessories Include:

- Contactor
- HPC fuses
- Circuit breaker and current transformers
- Switch


Automatic banks

For other cases of a varying load, a regulation is needed; as a result banks are divided in multiple steps. A power factor regulator controls these banks, and depending of the rated voltage of the installation, two different methods to construct these steps exist.

I. Automatic banks up to 12 kV 
Automatic banks can be constructed with different steps for controlling the power factor regulation, a LV panel with the power factor relay, the control wiring and reactors.

Each step is composed of:
- SF6 contactor
- HRC fuses
- Inrush current limiting reactors, which are necessary for these types of banks.

II. Automatic banks up to 24 kV
This product range is fitted with:

- Circuit breaker
- Line protection current transformers.
- Earthing
- Interlocking system.
- Quick discharge reactors


Detuned banks

When the levels of harmonics are valid, detuned reactors can be necessary to avoid resonance problems. For this application TEPCO provides the market with detuned banks, whether fixed or automatic, with iron core reactors in 7.2 kV. Normally, as standards value banks are fitted with 7% reactors.

For higher levels of voltages, iron core or oil reactors are normally used and with open rack type banks.