Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Our motor control center is an assembly of one or more enclosed sections having a common power bus and principally containing motor control units. They are factory assemblies of several motor starters, they can include PLC based control systems, metering and any other needed control or monitoring equipments and may also be the electrical service entrance for the building. They can be used for low voltage three-phase or single-phase AC motors from 220 volts up to 600 volts.

Our MCCs consist of one or more vertical metal cabinet sections with power bus and provision for individual motor controllers. Each motor controller  can be installed in separate module (room) complete with all types of needed protection. Each motor controller can consist of direct on line, star delta, soft starters or variable speed drives containing  contactors or solid-state motor controllers, overload relays to protect the motor, fuses or a circuit breaker to provide short-circuit protection and a disconnecting switch to isolate the motor circuit. Three-phase power enters each controller through separable connectors. The motors are wired to terminals in the controllers. Motor control centers provide wire ways for field control and power cables.

Each motor controller in an MCC can be specified with a range of options such as motor protective relays, motor protective circuit breakers, separate control transformers, pilot lamps, control switches, extra control terminal blocks, and various types of bi-metal and solid-state overload protection relays. The whole system can have over/under voltage, phase sequence, phase failure protection or earth fault protection. TEPCO motor control centers are supplied ready for the customer to connect all field wiring after an engineered assembly according to the international standards IEC with internal control and interlocking wiring to a central control terminal panel board or PLC.

Technical Details