Circuit Breaker Guide

Air Circuit Breakers

  • The IZM from MOELLER represents a concept for open-type circuit breakers which nowadays far exceeds the industry standard worldwide.
  • The system that offers more focused protection. The IZM is equipped as standard with the latest microprocessor-controlled electronics.

Available range & Its adjustability:


Moulded Case Circuit Breaker:

  • MOELLER's moulded case circuit breakers are the only truly modular range on the market.
  • The uniquely uniform approach to mounting, operation, switching and accessories means you save time and money. The high quality design and construction means you go on saving, year after year.


Available range & its adjustability:


Switch Fuses

Main Features
- Wider product range
- Enhanced in-built safety
- Compact LV boards
- Easier handling
- Improved safety
- Improved reliability

 - Window for safe replacement of switch fuse on live panels
 - Provision for earthing the outgoing cables within the switch fuse by means of an earthing lead
 - Locking device on the three pole operating switch fuse for both open and closed positions

Available Configurations:


1) Any other custom configurations can be can be arranged and implemented according to customer needs.

2) Complete measuring sets (Analog or Digital) for all electrical quantities can be provided.

3) Higher KVA available upon request.

4) Outgoing circuit breakers are available from 20A up to 2000A and with different numbers per substation according to customer requirements. It also may be switch fuses or fuses.

5) Lighting circuit consists of circuit breaker, lighting contactor, photo cell and 24 hour timer

6) Capacitor banks are fixed and protected with circuit breaker, switch fuse or fuses. Automatic power factor improvement is available upon request.