Home & Building Automation

Home & building automation is the use of one or more intelligent devices to control basic home/building functions and features automatically or remotely.

Home & building automation is not only a tool for making our lives easier, it is also a way of conserving energy through more energy-efficient behavior, which makes it the intelligent choice for environmentally-conscious people.

Home & building automation can include the scheduling and automatic operation of irrigation, heating and air conditioning, lights and shutters, security systems ...etc.

Systems and Solutions for Home & Building Automation


TEPCO offers complete automation systems for:

        1)  Security & surveillance systems.
        2)   Light control*:
        - Light scenarios
        - Presence simulation for security
        - Motion sensors for automatic light control
        3)   Shutter & blind control*.
        4)  HVAC control*.
        5)  A/V control.
        6)  Controlling systems via remote controls / iPhone / iPad


        * These systems can be connected to products that are KNX programmable.


        For more information about our range of Home & Building Automation products; please contact our sales office.