How Can Home & Building Automation Help You?

Night Lights:

If you need to leave the lights on during the night in case your children or elderly parents get up at night; instead of wasting energy because you are leaving the lights on all night, you can install our motion/presence sensors. As soon as anyone moves; the lights in the path you determine will be turned ON.


Anti-theft System:

Some families leave the lights ON when they travel - for fear of of intrusion - instead they can use our motion and presence sensors that will guard the house using our security module.


Light Intensity:

There comes a time during the day when the natural light alone isn't enough to illuminate the house. But on the other hand; the artificial lights are too intense for that time of the day and they consume more energy than what we actually need. The solution for this problem is to use a "Light Control System" which adjusts the intensity of the lights in the house according to the intensity of the natural light coming from outside.