System Components

The Air Ring Main Unit is equipped with several combinations of the following components:

1. Cable Feeder Load-break Switch (KL):

Load-break switch is rotary type and hand-operated through levers. Each cable feeder is provided with an earthing switch to enable the earthing of cables. There is a mechanical interlocking between each load-break switch and its associated earthing switch.


2. Transformer Load-break Switch (KLF):

It is suited for transformer protection and complete with 12 or 24 kV H.R.C. fuses.


3. Vacuum Circuit Breaker:

- Suited for protection of high ratings transformers.
- It is available in different ratings with manual or electric operations.


4. Earth Fault Indicator:

- Located in the RMU to detect the earth cable fault; the indicator will be mounted outside the RMU along the cable in an easily visible position.
- The indicator will operate on 220V, 110V supply, 50Hz or without auxiliary supply.