Why Metal Clad?

Economic Efficiency

The flexibility of the standardized switchgear with its options for configuration to customers' requirements allows it to be functionally matched to its application. The panels can be extended or modified at a later date after installation. The grouped panels can be extended on either side without modification to the existing installation.


Reliability of supply

The high quality of switchgear with separate compartments for busbars, switchgear and cable connections ensures a high degree of reliability in operation and supply for the application. Thus, for instance, cables can be checked or switchgear exchanged without switching off the busbars, with the overall equipment remaining in operation. The drawer unit design allows the operating parts of the equipment to be restored to availability within the shortest possible time.


Personnel safety

In general all switching operations are performed with closed panel doors. The panels have been tested for arc faults according to IEC 62271-200 and thus satisfy the international standards for the personnel safety in the event of an internal fault. Metal doors, shields and positively actuated shutters in the drawer unit compartment protect against unintentional touching of energized parts. An extensive interlocking system for the switchgear and the panel offers the operator additional protection against incorrect actuation. Voltage testing in the individual compartments can optionally be performed using capacitive systems to IEC 61243-5. This can be done without opening the compartment doors.