Total Safety

The manufacturing standards used in our medium voltage switchgear result in a shielded and protected installation with the highest safety level that include:

- Complete partitioning between each compartment in order to limit any incident to the compartment in which it originated.

-  All metal design, ensuring permanent Earthing continuity.

- Due to the presence of a protection plate; it is impossible to create direct contact with live parts during the breaking device plugging in our withdrawal operation.

- Regardless of its operating position, the breaking device is enclosed in the cubicle by a door, thus satisfying the most severe personnel safety requirements.

- Earthing switch with making capacity equipped with a closing and opening control device independent of the operator.

- Insulating materials are fire resistant.

- Vents to serve as a mean of gases' evacuation and to limit over pressure in the event of internal flashover.



Operating Safety

Our Metal Clad Switchgear's functional mechanical interlocks comply with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards which include:

- Impossibility to plug-in or to draw out the circuit breaker in closed position.

- The closing operation can only be performed when the circuit breaker truck is in the fully plugged-in position or in the test position.

- Impossibility to close the Earthing switch if the circuit breaker is plugged-in or between the plug- in and withdrawn/test position.

- Impossibility to plug-in the circuit breaker if the Earthing switch is closed.

- Impossibility to insert the circuit breaker with LV auxiliaries not connected.

- Possibility to install locks in order to create special interlocks.