Additional Equipment

Current and Voltage Transformers

For configurations with current and voltage transformers:

As standard, current and voltage transformers according to DIN 42600 standards, parts 8 and 9, and IEC 60044-1 standards will be mounted. Due to the multitude of installation options in the cable connection area, a wide variety of transformers supplied by the customer can be used. The current and voltage transformers are mounted as separate assemblies, irrespective to the basic panel design and functional elements such as the contact systems for the drawer units and earthing switches. Depending on the panel equipment and type, they can be exchanged, protected by the metal partitioning, even while operating busbar compartments.

The standards and generally recognised technical rules (IEC standards, DIN standards, VDE regulations) for working on medium voltage installations must be observed.



Capacitive Voltage Detection Systems

The optional capacitive voltage detection system according to IEC 61243-5 standards is mounted in the cable connection and/or busbar compartment of the panel.

It is assembled irrespective of the basic panel design and functional elements. It can be exchanged under the same conditions as previously described for the current and voltage transformers.



Door Interlocking

The doors can optionally be equipped with mechanical and electro-mechanical interlocking.



Cable Installation

The medium voltage cables can be installed from the front of the panel. The cable connection compartment is easily accessible and has a separate compartment door. After the drawer unit has been removed out of the panel, the front cross-spar of the panel and the plate between the drawer unit compartment and cable connection compartment can be removed with a few movements, for additional ease of installation of cables in the cable connection compartment.



Cable Clamps

The short circuit-proof cable mountings in the switchgear panel are provided in the cable connection compartment by means of cable fixing irons and cable clamps.



Panel Wiring

Control wiring within the panels is installed in generously-proportioned metal wiring ducts, which are easily accessible to the left and right of the front interior of the panel. In all panel variants the left wiring duct extends from the panel floor up to the low voltage compartment, enabling separate wiring possibilities for each switchgear panel. Additionally, in the low voltage compartment area there are side openings which allow connections from panel to panel to a loop wiring system.