Fully Gas Insulated (GIS) Ring Main Unit Type GAE

The SF6 switchgear panels are type-tested
factory-built, metal encapsulated switchgear assemblies in extensible construction for indoor installation.

Switching devices built-in are fully insulated with SF6
and comprise: Load-break switches earthing switches, bus riser, bus sectionalized panels, SF6 circuit breakers and Vacuum circuit breakers.

Our SF6 Ring Main Units are ready to be integrated with supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and other forms of remote controlling.

Local work is limited to the connection of external power cables.

Main Features

– Fully insulated & sealed for life
– Climatic resistance
– Minimum space requirement
– Maintenance free
– Screened cable connectors
– Internal arc tested
– Easy frontal access to install and to test MV cables and fuses
– All live components are inside a hermetically sealed gas tank
– Switch position and capacitive voltage presence  ndicators
– Anti-reverse, mechanical/electrical interlocks to prevent unsafe operations
– No use of SF6 during installation
– Use of highly recyclable material
– Extensible units to be extended with modular versions
– High operating reliability
– Tested by international laboratories
– Easy cable connection
– Possible to be connected with any SCADA system

Fully Gas Insulated (GIS) Ring Main Unit passed all necessary tests carried out in The Egyptian
Electricity Authority Pyramids High Voltage Research Center and approved from The Egyptian
Electricity Holding Company.

The SF6 Ring Main Unit is designed, manufactured and tested in conformity to the latest standards

IEC publication 60265-1 (62271-103)
IEC publication 62271-1 (IEC60694)
IEC publication 62271-100
IEC publication 62271-102
IEC publication 62271-105
IEC publication 62271-200 (60298)
IEC publication 60282-1

VDE 0670 Part 301                 (VDE 0671 Part 103)
VDE 0670 Part 1000              (VDE 0671 Part 1)
VDE 0671 Part 100
VDE 0671 Part 102
VDE 0671 Part 105
VDE 0671 Part 200                 (VDE 0670 Part 6)
VDE 0670 Part 4

Rated Voltage KV7.51217.524
Rated FrequencyHZ50/60
Rated normal current
Busbars and cubicle interconnectionA630
Output to transformer 200
Rated short-time withstand current
With tk = 1 s – 3 sKA20 / 25
Peak valueKA50 / 63
Rated insulation level
Rated power-frequency withstand voltage (1 min)KV20283850
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage KV607595125
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage AFLAFL 20 KA 1 s
Degree of protectionIP65 (Gas tank) IP3XD / IP44 (Enclosure)
ColorGrey 7035
Loss of service continuity category LSC2