Medium voltage switchgear with cassette type withdrawable circuit breaker up to 24KV


  1. Busbar Compartment
  • High quality, flat copper bars
  • Easy accessibility from the front, rear and top
  1. Low Voltage Cabinet
  • A wide cabinet at man tall height
  • Protection relay and control unit
  • Low voltage components
  1. Circuit breaker compartment
  • Cassette type withdrawable Vacuum circuit breaker
  • Interlocks to anchor the withdrawable part
  1. Cable Compartment
  • Enough space for cabling & instruments
  • Earthing switch with making capacity

PIX is the result of experience acquired worldwide and provides you with a high level of safety and reliability.

PIX switchboards are made up of several interconnected functional units.

Power connections are made between the functional units within a switchboard via a single busbar.

The electrical continuity of all of the metal frames is provided by the connection of each functional unit’s earthing busbar to the switchboard’s main earthing circuit.

PIX is an indoor switchgear assembly that provides maximum user safety.

It is intended to meet all electrical distribution needs up to 24 KV and incorporates a set of innovative solutions designed using proven.

High performance breaking devices (Vacuum)-Digital protection and control system-A wide range of cubicles designed and tested to meet all requirements.

PIX conform with the most recent standards:

Switchboard Assemblies

Circuit Breakers
Current transformers
Voltage transformers
Protection relays
Low Voltage wiring
Low Power Ct
Earthing switch
Environmental testing & Corrosion

IEC 62271-200 (replacing IEC 60289) IEC 60529 & IEC 60694
IEC 62271-100
IEC 60470
IEC 60044-1
IEC 60044-2
IEC 60255 & IEC 61000
IEC 60227
IEC 60044-8 (FDIS)
IEC 62271-102
IEC 60068 & IEC 60654

Rated Voltage (KV)24
Insulation levelPower frequency withstand voltage (KV) 50
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (KV) 125
Maximum nominal current and short-time withstand current
Functional unit with vacuum circuit breaker
Ith max (KA / 3 s)31.5
In max (A) 2500