Package Substations

General Description:

  1. The Package Substations are outdoor steel structures, completely self-contained, factory assembled weatherproof solution, ready for placing into position upon a concrete base.
  2. Each substation contains three main equipment: MV switchgear, Transformer and LV switchgear each is contained in a separate compartment.
  3.  All compartments are individually accessible by their own door from outside.
  4. The housing is assembled as an integrated unit from sheet steel built on heavy channel steel skid frame to withstand the weight of the substation with its components.
  5. The MV and LV compartments are arranged at both sides of the substation with the transformer compartment in between.
  6. The MV and LV compartments are provided with double doors. All doors are equipped with rigid hinges and rigid locking devices.
  7. Also, all doors are equipped with rubber gaskets to keep a high degree of protection. The site work is kept to an absolute minimum, as only the incoming & outgoing cables need to be connected at site.

Main Features:

– Factory built and tested.
– High operating reliability.
– High protection of personnel.
– Simplicity of installation.
– Site work is minimum.
– Easy cables connection.
– Easy installation of power transformer (oil-immersed or dry type)
– Adequate space for inspection and maintenance of the transformer.
– Possible to be connected with any SCADA system.

12 & 24 KV Package Substations passed all necessary tests carried out in The Egyptian Electricity Authority Pyramids High Voltage Research Center and approved from The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company.

The Package Substation is designed, manufactured and tested in conformity to the latest standards:

– IEC 62271-100
– IEC 62271-102
– IEC 62271-105
– IEC 62271-200
– IEC 62271-103
– DIN VDE 0670
– DIN VDE 0671

Dimensions and Weights:

Ambient temperatureup to 50 C
Standard colorRAL 7033 *
Outdoor operationYes
Type of ventilationNatural or Forced
Degree of protectionIP54
Rated Voltage (KV) 1217.524
Rated Insulation LevelPower Frequency Test Voltage283850
Impulse Withstand Test Voltage 7595125
Rated Frequency (HZ) 50/60
Rated Current (A) 630
Power transformer
Rated power (KVA) 100 to 1500 **
Rated secondary voltage (V) 230/400/690

* Other RAL and Stone painting are available upon request
** For higher power ratings please consult us