Blokset LV switchboard solutions for power distribution and motor control

Enhanced safety and reliability
within your reach
  1. Embodying decades of expertise,
    Blokset solutions are engineered to be complete and personalized low voltage switchboards for power distribution and motor control.
  2. Blokset switchboards answer the need for superior operational safety in today’s high performance LV power applications.
  3. Versatile and durable, Blokset switchboards have the comprehensive capabilities and intelligence you need to keep your business competitive costs and realize a faster return on your investment.
  4. A fully functional switchboard with built-in intelligence for energy efficiency, Blokset is a simple and modular solution.
  5. It is easy to choose, intuitive to use, cost effective and simple to install and upgrade.
Motor control

Motor Control Centre (MCC) including protection,
starters, and drives:
· Conventional starters up to 250 kW
· Soft starters up to 250 kW
· Drives up to 160 kW

A flexible, withdrawable design for motor control and power distribution:
Compact and powerful switchboards answer the needs of the most demanding motor control and power distribution applications. Blokset combines outstanding continuity of supply and safety with a long, reliable service.
High performance and superior efficiency:

Industry-leading capabilities
· Maximum busbar rating up to 7000 A
· Maximum rating of PCC, up to 6300 A
· Maximum rating of MCC, up to 250 kW
· Smart communicating devices for connected switchboards
· Compact design for higher stacking density and optimized footprint
· Safe upgrading of energized equipment

Voltageup to 690 Vac (50/60 Hz)
Main busbar ratingup to 7000 A
Distribution busbar ratingup to 3200 A
Rated short-time current (lcw) horizontal main busbarup to 100 kA rms - 1s (peak current lpk up to 220 kA)
vertical distribution busbarup to 85 kA rms - 1s (peak current lpk up to 187 kA)
Conditional short-circuit current (lsc)up to 85 kA
Internal arc withstand current85 kA – 0.4 s (IEC TR 61641)
Earthing systemTT-IT-TNS-TNC