Our Team

Our Team

Eng. Hussein Ismail


Letter from the CEO

To Our Stakeholders:

TEPCO has witnessed a major transformation in the past five years, increasing its production capacity and its portfolio of offerings to match the national unprecedented boom in the infrastructure expansion. However, what characterizes this business cycle is, the inclusion of sustainability as a core pillar of the growth mandate.

The integration of the wellbeing of all stakeholders in the corporate “raison d’etre” of  TEPCO has reflected on its mode of operation, expansion, and investment strategies. Achieving a long-term growth as a target has been coupled with other social and sustainable motives.

As the ancient wisdom dictates: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, pursuing a comprehensive goal of growth, expansion, social responsibility and sustainability had a multiplier effect on the value of our mission. This balance has enhanced the maturity of our operational tactics and goal setting mechanisms.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in TEPCO and for your support.


Chairman of The Board

Hussein Ismail

Board Members

Fayssal Daoud

Board Member

Fayssal Daoud has launched his career in the accounting and finance department of TEPCO in 1999, he still sits on its board of directors after handling a diverse of executive assignments inside the company.

He is the cofounder of Tamqeen and acts as chairman. He has earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from the American University in Cairo. He has been involved in the process of SME restructuring and business consulting for more than 10 years.

His regional exposure on the subject is not limited to Egypt, since he managed and executed startups in KSA, UAE, Morocco, France, and Germany. Throughout his career he has worked on many joint ventures, acquisitions, and mergers deals in the SME space. He sits on the board of directors of many SMEs in an advisory capacity.

Mohamed Ismail

Board Member

Mohamed Ismail; is currently the CEO of TAI and TEI, two of TEPCO’s most strategic subsidiaries. He is also heading the business development department of TEPCO and is orchestrating the function on a group level. Ismail is holding a bachelor of science from the American University in Cairo and has since joined TEPCO. He has climbed the corporate ladder moving sailing the organization horizontally and vertically as he assumed different commercial and technical roles during his career progression.

Eng. Ahmed Fawzy

Board Member

Ahmed Fawzy Kilany holds a bachelor of electrical engineering since 1990. He is a member of the board of directors of Tepco group and is the CEO and founder of a group of companies. He started Hitec in Egypt on 1994, offering electronics and laser solutions to the Middle East. He then launched AMS in Dubai for the same purpose. At 2005, he launched Laser Gallery in Dubai and then he started Laser Gallery in Egypt at 2011.

Core Management Team

Eng. Hicham Osman


Hicham Osman is labeled as “Ancient Élève Jesuites”, in 1984 he graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University – Power Department with a Bachelor of Science. During the same year, he has joined TEPCO as technical studies engineer and since, assumed different executive roles that have contributed to TEPCO’s growth journey. He climbed the corporate ladder becoming the Technical Studies and Sales Manager in 1990. In 2000, and with a major corporate transformation, he has been promoted to assume the Marketing Director Role of TEPCO. He later spearheaded one of TEPCO’s subsidiaries in 2005, he was appointed as the Managing Director of CIRCUIT (TEPCO’s system integration arm). In 2012, TEPCO has recalled Hicham to its Head Quarters to resume his Business Development Director Role and contribute to company’s overhauling project.

Eng. Hesham Ghazi

Commercial Director

Hesham Ghazi is the commercial director of TEPCO. An electrical engineer that has graduated in 1987 from Cairo University, he has earned his MBA in 2011 from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School. Growing his career in TEPCO, he has always achieved results that has helped in TEPCO success story.

Eng. Ayman Marei

Engineering Office Director

Ayman Marei, a brilliant technical caliber that has graduated from Cairo University as an electrical engineer in 1996 with honors, he has joined TEPCO in 1998. Along his career he has climbed the technical ladder from a junior design engineer to end as the engineering office director in less than 10 years. He is considered as a technical reference not only in TEPCO, but in the industry.