Date: 27-APR-2005

Nature of Work

The capacitor bank is required to continue the process of improving the power factor of the unified power system and improve voltage profiles at loads on the substation.
Project overview:
1st local production in Egypt for medium voltage capacitor banks 5.4 MVAR - 11 KV manufactured by Tepco with technical cooperation with Circutor - Spain delivered to the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company - Delta Zone (Talkha)
Description of work:
The automatic power factor controller for each transformer outgoing feeder is of two stages switching system. Each capacitor bank consists of 2 groups having rates of 1:2 (1.8 + 3.6) MVAR to achieve 2 switching steps and total bank of 5.4 MVAR.
The medium voltage capacitor bank is manufactured by TEPCO with technical cooperation with CIRCUTOR SPAIN. The bank consists of 2 sections:
1) Outdoor Enclosure: Equipped with SF6 circuit breaker, contactors and capacitor banks.
This enclosure is provided with doors, which give flexibility to inspect and maintain the equipment.
The enclosure consists of 3 compartments:
- SF6 circuit breaker compartment equipped with 3 phase SF6 CB 630 A – 12 KV – 500 MVA – 25 KA product of AREVA – FRANCE type FP1225B.
- SF6 contactor compartment equipped with 3 phase SF6 contactor 400 A – 12 KV – 1.8 MVAR and 3 phase SF6 contactor 400 A – 12 KV – 3.6 MVAR product of AREVA – FRANCE type GFA.
- Medium voltage capacitor banks compartment equipped with 18 single phase capacitor 300 KVAR – 6350 V – two bushing BIL 38/95 KV, 300 mm creepage distance with internal fuses and discharge reactor 50 V 5 min – stainless steel tank product of CIRCUTOR – SPAIN and 6 inrush current coil 20 micro H – 12 KV product of CIRCUTOR – SPAIN.
2) Indoor Control Box: The control box is designed to enclose all protection relays, monitoring instruments and controlling of the capacitor banks.