Date: 25-MAR-1985

Nature of Work:

The New buildings in Cairo are fed by 2 medium voltage electric sources using 2 power transformers which step down the voltage from 11 KV to 400 V to feed all apartments.
Project overview:
1st Primary switchboard 12 KV manufactured by Tepco with technical cooperation with Merlin Gerin - France using 12 KV Minimum Oil Circuit Breakers installed in Adly El Mowaled Building in mohandessin area.
Description of work:
The power station of the building consists of: - 2 Air Ring Main Unit 12 KV manufactured by TEPCO under licence of FELTEN & GUILLEAUME – GERMANY using 3 air LBS 630 A – 12 KV type KL10-630-135. - Medium Voltage Switchboard consists of 6 cubicles using Minimum Oil circuit breaker 630 A – 12 KV – 25 KA product of MERLIN GERIN – FRANCE.

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