Motor Control Centers
Technical Details

  • - Ready for star-delta starters, soft starters, and variable speed drives and direct on line, solid-state motor controllers or overload relays.

  • - Each motor controller can be installed in separate module (room) complete with all types of needed protections, control, metering and monitoring equipments.

  • - Can be provided with motor protective circuit breakers and motor protective relays.

  • - Ready for PLC installation and control applications.

  • - Each motor controller is ready for separate control transformers, pilot lamps, control switches, extra control terminal blocks, and various types of bi-metal and solid-state overload protection relays.

  • - The whole system can have over/under voltage, phase sequence, phase failure protection, earth fault protection.

  • - Can be connected to SCADA or DCS systems.


Technical Details

Ambient temperature °C

35 (24h mean value)

Relative humidity %

50 at 40 °C

Protection measures Protection

Protection class I, protective earth connection

Degree of protection

From IP31 up to IP54 

Rated insulation voltage Ui (V)


Insulation coordination


Rated operational voltage Ue (V)


Rated frequency Hz

40 – 60

Busbar rated current Ie (A)

Up to 4000

Busbar rated short-time withstand current Icw kA

Up to 100 (1 s)

Busbar rated peak withstand current Ipk (kA)

Up to 220

Dimensions (mm)

Height = 2000, depth = 400, 600 , 800 or 900

Sheet thickness' (mm)

Door, frame = 2, back plates and enclosure
side plate and top plates = 1.5

Metal surfaces

Electrolytic powder-coated


RAL 7035, light gray *

Installation site conditions

Indoor/Outdoor installation

*Other colors are available upon request